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About EtherSport

EtherSport is a platform where people all over the world can place bets on sports events. The lottery mechanism is done through Ethereum contracts which guarantees fair and transparent results, avoiding any risks and corruption. EtherSport has a number of advantages such as security, simple user registration process, anonymity, the open and clear process of all currency transactions, prompt prize payout without any hidden fees.

EtherSport provides a completely new betting experience for players all over the globe.

  • Simple start
    Easy registration that requires a minimum of personal information.
    No third party system will hold the user data.
  • Unlimited winnings
    No limitations on bet and reward amounts.
    Fast and cheap withdrawals in cryptocurrency.
  • 100% fair and transparent
    No hidden fees and manipulations.
    Transparent results and payout system.
  • 24/7 non-stop games
    Every 4 hours a new lottery ticket comes out.
    It contains the most popular sport events from all around the world.
  • Easy to play
    Just get a lottery ticket with a line of sport events and predict results.
    Win a prize or even a jackpot!
  • Earn money
    Get a prize or win a jackpot if you are a player.
    Gain a permanent profit from each lottery if you are investor in our ICO.

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