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For merchants, the Standard Giftz™ Program is FREE – simply pay for the tokens…”its” a win/win. The Founders of Giftz™ have given away millions of dollars in survey incentives and there is no better team to bring this new cryptographic rewards program to the blockchain. Existing infrastructure such as servers, user-base, revenue models and legacy architecture of the Rewards Media business will serve as a baseline for the newly developed Giftz™ Network with cryptographic “points.” As Giftz™ enhances its interfaces and adds new features, merchants will have a growing set of tools for managing incentives and loyalty
marketing campaigns. Loyalty coins will be more accessible and transferable than traditional rewards points as more and more blockchain solutions become available. Giftz™ will lead this sector by welcoming all future loyalty coins within it’s ecosystem, providing a place for the community to trade their tokens, without having to list them on a public exchange. Imagine trading up from tokenized air miles to private jet-coins.


  • INCREASE new business & secure new customers
  • DRIVE incremental sales from existing customers
  • REDUCE attrition
  • MAXIMIZE marketing effectiveness
  • LEVERAGE data
  • BUILD loyalty

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